In separate instances, the Branch’s provision of technical assistance led to the resolution of the concerns of two employees.

Someone by the name of Ms. Paloma, came to the Branch seeking help for the release of her certificate of employment. Upon knowing that her employer is just a few meters from the Branch’s Office, a phone call made it possible to talk with the HR Officer. The parties reached a consensus to meet that same afternoon.

A week later, the Branch received a text message from Ms. Paloma that she has received on April 10, 2019 the certificate she was looking for.

On the other hand, Mr. Romeo Sanglay, a former employee of a shipbuilding industry in Sual, Pangasinan approached the Branch looking to claim his remaining salary, saying that while others who have resigned later than him have received theirs, his is yet to be given. The Branch, knowing the HR Officer of the company, called and talked about Sanglay’s concern.

The HR Officer checked the company’s records and she said that Sanglay’s claims are scheduled to be released. During a plant visit with the company on April 23, 2019, it was known that Sanglay’s last pay have been given him as agreed upon.