The Municipality of Tayug conducted a conciliation-mediation class for its barangay lupon members on December 14, 2018 at the Municipal Gymnasium, Tayug, Pangasinan.

Entitled “Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) Skills Enhancement Training”, it was held under the tutorial of NCMB RB1 Chief Jay Jasper B. Javines. Speaking to a crowd of 65 participants from 21 barangays of the municipality, all of whom are practicing members of their respective KPs, Javines underscored the effectiveness and efficiency of conciliation-mediation, not only as applied to labor disputes but also to cases falling under their jurisdiction.

Concurring with the earlier message of Tayug Mayor Tyrone Agabas, Javines drove the importance of the KPs employing the ADR mechanism at their level. “To settle in the most peaceful means where parties have the chance to significantly cut expenses and mend broken relationships is nothing but fundamentally ideal,” he said.

Javines consistently underscored the human relations skills that the KP members have to possess and develop in order to be able to carry out conciliation proceedings at its best. “Your own personal values and attitude, along with your emotional and psychological state, are just as important as the settlement of the case at hand is,” Javines said, pinning the great significance of the conciliator towards dispute resolution.

The participants went through a mock conciliation-mediation conference where the groups are given the chance to assess and evaluate each other constructively.

The seminar was made successful through the efforts of Tayug’s HR Head Ms. Hyacinth Tapiz, Municipal Administrator, the DILG, and the NCMB Regional Branch.