NCMB Regional Branch No. 1 and I-CARE, Incorporated prepares for an area-wide seminar tackling an area untouched in many years: values and attitude.

With the theme “Values, Attitudes & Ethics: Personal Foundations for Industrial Peace,” the seminar will delve into the individual level factor of industrial – the person.

Lectures will include values and attitude in the workplace, effective workplace communication, grievance handling, latest labor jurisprudence focusing on termination of employment due to undesirable workplace attitude, latest legislation on OSH, employees’ compensation program from ECC, updates on the regional wage order, and teambuilding activities.

The seminar will be a two-day activity set on April 26-27, 2019 at Puerto de San Juan, San Juan, La Union. It will be a convergence activity of the Branch with DOLE-LUPLO, ECC and RTWPB along with the I-CARE.