It did not go as projected. Luckily, it went better.

The seminar, entitled “Values, Attitudes & Ethics: Personal Foundations for Industrial Peace,” was held on April 26-27, 2019 at Puerto de San Juan, San Juan, La Union. It was initially projected to have a maximum participant of 70. In November of 2016, a two-day seminar was also carried by the Branch and I-CARE where a total of 73 participants attended.

“The turnout was way beyond our expectations,” Director Jay Jasper B. Javines said. “It was amazing. To have gathered a total of 144 participants was really another achievement we could really be proud of,” he added.

In a one-day convention in October of 2017, 102 participants came. In April of the following year, 140 joined followed by a 119-strong participation in October.

“If we’re to compare the two previous two-day seminars, it was a huge difference as the recent one almost doubled the first. Comparing this to the one-day seminars gathering more than a hundred, even exceeding them, if this is not a testament to the Branch’s efforts to become effectively visible to our clienteles, then I do not know what it is,” Javines said.

The bread and butter of the seminar were discussions by Sr. LEO Lester B. Panem on values and attitude in the workplace and effective workplace communication. Director Javines took on the discussion of workplace dynamics and grievance handling. Former DOLE RO1 Asst. Regional Director and now an Associate Prosecutor for the Regional Trial Court Atty. Florence Marie Gacad-Ulep elaborated labor jurisprudence on dismissal of employees connected to difficult workplace attitudes.