Networking and linkages are a matter of importance for RCMB1 Chief Jay Jasper B. Javines. Within the first two weeks of January 2019, the Branch has made initial meetings to two LGUs in the region.

Javines headed the Branch delegation to meet with Mayor Belen Fernandez of Dagupan City – a city known for its Pistay Dayat (Bangus Festival) – on January 9, 2019. A person involved in retail business in a long time, Fernandez admitted to the realities of labor and employment in the country.


“I have been into business for years and have been personally involved in handling our personnel,” Mayor Fernandez told Javines, “and to tell you the truth, it is truly hard to deal with employees, especially when it comes to individual work attitude and behavior.”

Javines banked on the need of companies to improve labor relations in order to improve productivity and, ultimately, profitability to push for the promotion of the Board’s programs in companies within Fernandez’ jurisdiction. “Employees tend to drop their productivity rates after they become regulars,” Javines said, to which Fernandez completely agreed.

“Our workers need also to be taught with proper work etiquette if they wish to secure their tenure, and that is also one important area where the Board can be of great help,” Javines added.

The Branch proceeded to meet with Mayor Hermenigildo “Dong” Gualberto of San Fernando, La Union on January 14, 2019, where the latter, fondly called Manong Dong by constituents, warmly welcomed the group.


The two heads exchanged great ideas in furthering the interest of businesses in the city, the welfare of OFWs, and the training of Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) members in conciliation-mediation. It can be recalled that in December of 2018, RCMB1 enhanced the conciliation-mediation skills of Tayug’s Barangay Lupons with the active participation of Mayor Tyrone Agabas.

“OFWs or their family members often approach the LGU for assistance regarding their employment or the employment of their relatives and the barangay chiefs and the mayors are the immediate go-to guys,” Javines said then turning to the conciliation-mediation process under the KP as a great tool in providing assistance to them and a barangay registry of worker constituents as a means to track their whereabouts.

“The registry, I think, is a great idea,” Mayor Dong agreed. “It has also been much of our concern to know how the people coming to our offices whom we have provided with sorts of assistance have fared afterwards. Honestly, it is also hard for us to know, and to do that for everyone will be much harder.

Javines and Mayor Dong ended with a mutual understanding to provide each other the necessary cooperation to carry out activities to the end of providing the needed and relevant public service.