Following the retirement of Director Lucita Caudilla from being chief of the Regional Conciliation Mediation Branch No. 1 last September 1, 2018, a new leadership comes in to take the reins of management.

Director Jay Jasper B. Javines officially reported to his new official station on October 23, 2018 welcomed by the ever-hospitable personnel of the Branch led by its senior staff Felicidad Corpuz, Supervising Labor and Employment Officer.

Javines did the meet-and-greet during his first meeting with the staff opening up and starting a warm rapport with everyone – typical for an employee of NCMB and exercise of principles the Board preaches regarding labor relations.

Director Javines, or Sir Jay as he is fondly called by most, was a long-time conciliator-mediator of the Board and even served alongside the previous DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz. He recently returned from a stint at Abu Dhabi working for our countrymen as Assistant Labor Atache.