The Region 1 Ilocos Conflict Administration and Resolution Ensemble (I-CARE), Incorporated has completed another cycle as it reached its election year in 2019.

Engr. Ariel V. Gapasin, the current and out-going Association President, is already about to end his last term as head. “It is time to pass the baton,” Gapasin said, who served as chief since 2010.

Along with his co-officers, they have labored to bring life to the Association that came into their care without any operating fund. “We are just glad that we were able to produce whatever we have now. Thanks to the overwhelming assistance given by the Branch and the undying support of the members and the rest of the companies who believes in our advocacy,” he said.

The Association will be having their General Assembly to elect the new set of officers on April 27, 2019 at Puerto de San Juan, San Juan, La Union, simultaneous with the seminar on values and attitude that they and the Branch are preparing.

The new set of officers will serve for a term of three years.