Following the successful DOLE-RCC basic SEADO training in November 2018, the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Council sat together on May 9, 2019 at the NCMB Conference Room, City of San Fernando, La Union to lay out its details.

Led by Regional NCMB Director Jay Jasper B. Javines, the TWG gave focus on the substance of the training but will be veering away, to some degree, from the conventional technical know-how in the field.

“We would like to make this SEADO training a bit different than usual,” Javines said. Along with the members, Javines facilitated the discussion of possible areas of learnings to be put in the training module, including efficient networking among agencies, social media as a tool to benefit the SENA program, recording of proceedings, and emotional and psychological aspect of the SEADO.

Javines proposed a training module to the DOLE-RCC on April 12, 2019 that includes, among others, emerging trends, handling OFW cases, and creative problem solving.

The training is set to roll on June19-21, 2019. The TWG also decided to have it held again in Baguio City.